Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Episode 1 - Premiere Show

Primeire show for Sub Space. It gives background information about the hostess, Sophie.

Download Here!

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Anonymous said...

In a way you sound like me, I was married at 18 (still am -27 years) we have lots of children (8) - ten years ago I was getting antsy and needed something (to be honest I didn't know what I needed) I started taking classes looking for a career or something that would interest me ended up with nursing...anyway with all that I was still lost and so Him and i embarked into a D/s i can't even tell you how it started other then to say i was tired of being in charge and he was tired of being pastover. Anyway, it's works for us. There are times when He needs to remind me of my place - i think that is becasue when you are out in the world there is an expectation of independence and sometimes when I come home it is hard to shed that off... anyway i didn't see a date for the 1st podcast and I just thought I would say hello ...L