Sunday, August 15, 2010

Episode 12 - Oral Service Male

This episode discusses oral service when working with a male Dominant.

Here is an embed of The Might Tank, the guy I was telling you about from youtube who has awesome tongue control. You train your tongue to this level and your Dominant will be very pleased.

Practial Exercise

1. Discover what's holding you back. What is blocking you from giving head like the best of them.

2. Look up tongue and mouth exercises and practice them this week to build up your tongue strength and mouth stamina.

3. Discuss with your Dominant what type of oral service they would like and how to incorporate it into your lives on a regular basis.

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VampFan4 said...

Can't get either of the podcast to run :(

Keuschling said...

Hi Sophie,

pleeease let me know how i can download you latest podcasts ... the files don't work here :-(